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The quality of our daily lives is underpinned by our mental and behavioural health. Poor mental health can affect your performance at work, make you miss deadlines, and worrying about it can take up all of your free time. It can also lead us to seek solace in unhelpful coping strategies that leave us in a worse position than we were before.

Recovery can turn your life around. At Animo Healthcare, we understand that you may not want or be able to walk away from your commitments to attend an inpatient treatment programme. We design our programmes to fit around a professional’s work schedule so they can continue to fulfil their obligations while leaving their problems in the past.


Our Revoke Nighthab Programme is an empowering and accessible treatment programme that you attend at the end of the working day. We offer evidence-based and expert-led therapy sessions on  on Monday and Wednesday evenings and every Saturday over three months. Our intensive treatment programme is followed by a month of aftercare.

What can Revoke Nighthab Offer?

  • The chance to make long-lasting lifestyle changes while continuing to live your daily life. 
  • The possibility to apply, test, and reinforce the skills you learn in between therapy sessions to ensure that your progress is meaningful and sustainable in your home environment. 
  • Regular sessions with your therapist to evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment plan on an ongoing basis and make appropriate changes where necessary.
  • A safe environment for you to spend your evening. The end of the working day is often the time people turn to drugs, alcohol, or addictive behaviours to relieve stress. Through Revoke Nighthab, we are able to offer an alternative activity whilst giving you a chance to meet new people with the same goals as yourself.

Revoke Dayhab Programme

Our Revoke Dayhab Programme is an intensive outpatient programme that you can fit around your everyday life. You attend therapy sessions on a part-time basis, so you can continue to live at home, go to work, and fulfil other obligations.

Attending treatment part-time avoids making the difficult transition between a controlled residential environment and everyday routines. Recovery in a residential setting can seem relatively easy but may become hard to maintain when you re-encounter the triggers and stresses of daily life. With the Revoke Dayhab Programme, you can find solutions to challenges in your work or home throughout the treatment. You make lifestyle changes in real-time that are meaningful and long-lasting.

Treatment For you

The most effective mental and behavioural health treatment offers individualised recovery programmes to cater to each person’s needs. Animo’s Revoke Programme provides a combination of treatment approaches, adapted to match your personal circumstances. Our expert therapists continually evaluate your progress and make appropriate changes to your plan to ensure you receive the best possible treatment.

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is a cornerstone of our treatment programmes. CBT helps you to alter your mental state by changing the way you think and behave.

CBT sessions involve identifying unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations that can result in a spiral of negative thoughts and maladaptive coping strategies. You work with a therapist to pinpoint the environmental cues and physical or emotional situations that trigger you. You then develop strategies to avoid these triggers or learn how to cope with them healthily.

CBT is a highly-effective and evidence-based way of providing the skills to replace harmful behaviours and patterns of thinking with healthy ones. It also helps you maintain these changes in the long-term.

Group Therapy

In group therapy sessions, you participate in discussions with your peers. These sessions are all led by a certified therapist. This is a chance to learn from each other’s experiences, develop interpersonal skills, and realise that you are not alone in the challenges you face.

Mental health recovery is not always easy and requires support from others. Group therapy helps you develop communication, trust, and other interpersonal skills to build strong and mutually supportive relationships with those around you. It is also an opportunity to meet and form friendships with others on the programme who share many of the same aims and experiences as yourself.

Rapid Response Admissions

When you are struggling with a crisis, getting treatment should be urgent. Mental health disorders can quickly become detrimental to your health, work, and social life, and can be fatal if left untreated. Other addictive behaviours such as gambling addiction or binge eating can be just as devastating to people’s lives.

Animo Healthcare offers a rapid response admissions procedure with the guarantee that you will be assessed within 24-hours. We ensure you begin treatment at the earliest possible opportunity so you can start your journey to recovery.


At Animo Healthcare, our intensive treatment programmes help you make meaningful behavioural changes so you can overcome your problems and unlock your full potential. Our programmes are designed to facilitate long-lasting change and provide you with the skills needed to maintain your mental wellbeing in the long-term.

We appreciate the need to slowly taper support needs down. We support you through this time to help you reinforce and refine your skills and coping strategies and remain committed to your recovery goals.

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The Revoke programmes offer an unmissable opportunity to overcome your problems and thrive in your work and home life. Our evidence-based programmes fit around your daily schedule so you can recover whilst continuing to fulfil your daily commitments. 

If you have been struggling with mental health or addiction, help starts here. The Revoke Programme by Animo Healthcare is currently open to provide the therapeutic support you need to start afresh. Please call us for more details, to ask any questions, or to schedule an assessment and start to reclaim your life today.

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The Revoke Programme is a leading outpatient treatment programme and is part of Ishmail & Associates Limited

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