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How Trauma Steals Your Voice and How to Find It Again

When we face trauma, it often disrupts our ability to communicate thoughts and feelings. This metaphorical loss of voice is bigger than simply having difficulty speaking; it encapsulates a more profound issue where we feel compromised, stymying our self-expression and sense of identity.  Trauma, whether from a single event or prolonged adversity, can effectively silence

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Navigating Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Diversity is something that is celebrated throughout our culture and used as a yardstick to hold ourselves to standards of consideration, humility and compassion. We see diversity in our communities as a hallmark of a fair and compassionate society. We view diversity in our workplace as the indicator of a progressive and just employer. Even

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The Impact of Trauma and Adversity on Mental Health

Trauma and adversity can drastically affect our emotional well-being, especially during our formative years. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), such as witnessing domestic violence, maltreatment, abuse, and societal disadvantages such as racism, neglect, and other household dysfunction, are widespread, with recent research showing that the neurodiverse population are at increased risk. These issues have affected the

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The Importance of Tailored Therapy for Neurodivergent Adults

The human brain is a marvel – it’s more intricate and powerful than even the most advanced supercomputers. Countless neurons actively communicate whenever you learn something new, recognise a face or read a word, forming a complex information exchange network. Every day, billions of electrical signals pass across tiny gaps called synapses, ensuring that our

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The Power of Family Therapy

During my time working with mental health, I’ve had great success involving clients and their families in the treatment process. Mental health doesn’t happen in a vacuum – it impacts everyone around the individual suffering, particularly their loved ones. Despite this, families are frequently left on the sidelines or, worse, locked out of the treatment

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Anxiety Uncovered: An Overview of the Seven Key Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is a natural response we’ve all experienced, but it can evolve into a mental health concern when it spirals out of control. As one of the most prevalent mental health issues, anxiety affects a vast amount of the population. A recent survey revealed that a quarter of adults feel so anxious it hinders their

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Gambling in the Digital Age

In response to the UK government’s Gambling White Paper, our Founder and CEO, Michael Ishmail MSc, commented: I am delighted to see that the government is taking action to address the issue of gambling addiction through its recent white paper. Through my work in this sector, I am intimately aware of the harmful consequences of

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hybrid working

The Pros and Cons of Hybrid Working

In the wake of the initial lockdowns of COVID-19, where governments required offices to send workers home in droves, many companies had to adapt quickly to continue trading. Thanks to the connectivity enabled by the Internet, it wasn’t long before most businesses were still able to function through remote working.  Video calling technologies such as

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alcohol and benzos

Mixing Alcohol And Benzos: Understanding The Dangers

Benzodiazepines (also known as benzos) are sedatives which are most often prescribed to treat anxiety, stress and insomnia. Benzos are among the most widely prescribed drugs in the UK despite having a high potential for abuse and addiction. The substance most commonly abused in combination with benzodiazepines is alcohol. Consuming benzos with alcohol can be

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Fostering Well-being at Work

This World Wellbeing Week, we are focusing on fostering well-being at work. Work can be stressful for many, but investing in employee well-being can help tackle the causes of stress and create a more motivated, engaged, and productive workforce.  What is Well-being? Well-being is broadly defined as the state of being comfortable, happy, and healthy;

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open door policy

Establishing an Open Door Policy

Establishing an open door policy in the workplace can have numerous benefits for the company and its employees.  What Is an Open Door Policy? An open door policy simply means that all managers, regardless of their position, are available to listen to the staff. This approach gives employees the freedom to speak openly with senior

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Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Neurodiversity is a term that many people may not have heard of or may not understand. However, being neurodivergent is incredibly common, and while it can make work challenging, there are many ways to foster neurodiversity in the workplace. What is Neurodiversity? Neurodiversity refers to the way that the brain works. Some people process information

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