Why do you only offer outpatient treatment?

We understand that not everyone can just walk away from their responsibilities to enter a treatment programme. Many of our clients have busy work schedules, families and other commitments they need to attend to. However, just because you can’t commit to residential treatment it doesn’t mean you can’t find recovery.

Research has shown that outpatient treatment is as effective as inpatient or residential programmes. Outpatient treatment also has the advantage of being less disruptive to clients’ lives.

Outpatient treatment with The Revoke Programme allows you to discover and try out healthy coping strategies in group and individual therapy sessions, and then put them into practice in the real world. Everyone’s approach to recovery is unique, and you need the freedom to test different strategies. This approach allows you to reflect on what’s working for you and what isn’t in real-time, rather than being surprised and overwhelmed upon leaving residential treatment.

Do you accept insurance?

We accept payments from insurance companies – please check with your particular insurer to see if you’re covered.

Can I be asked to leave The Revoke Programme?

If we think that you pose a danger to other clients, we will ask you to leave the programme. This is very rare; however, client safety must be our utmost priority. Some behaviours that we will ask you to leave for are:

  • Physically threatening behaviour
  • Bullying
  • Turning up to a session under the influence
  • Encouraging other clients to use substances

Can I take prescribed medication?

We will not ask you to stop taking medication unless it’s part of your mutually agreed recovery goal. Medication plays a vital role in harm reduction, mental health and addiction recovery, so asking people to stop would be counter-intuitive.

What if someone at work finds out I’m attending your programme?

All of your data is stored confidentially in encrypted files and we are up-to-date with all of the most recent data protection laws. We take your privacy extremely seriously, and all our clients sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Mental health conditions are classified as medical conditions. This means that your employer cannot discriminate against you for receiving treatment for it.

Do you work with Human Resources?

We are in-network with a range of companies and routinely advise HR departments on the best course of action to take if their employees are in crisis or need support.

We are here to help

You are not alone. Reach out to us today if you would like to find out more about The Revoke Programme.

The Revoke Programme is a leading outpatient treatment programme and is part of Ishmail & Associates Limited

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