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The Revoke Programme is a visionary service working at the frontline of outpatient mental and behavioural healthcare. We offer therapeutic and peer support to help our clients, facilitated by a team who have many years of experience helping people find their own path to wellness and recovery.

Our mental and behavioural health encompasses many elements of our well-being. This includes common health conditions such as anxiety, depression, burnout and disordered eating, and compulsive behaviours such as gambling, sex, alcohol and substance addiction.

Our evidence-based services are delivered in the heart of Central London by a highly specialised team, made up of therapists, psychotherapists, psychologists, medical doctors and nurses.

All groups are delivered on an outpatient basis, which means our clients can receive personalised, effective and compassionate care while still fulfilling their duties at home and work.


Work and mental health have a two-way relationship. Extreme workloads and interpersonal relationships can affect people’s mental health, and mental health conditions can also affect their performance at work.

At Revoke, we appreciate that not everyone can walk away from a career they might have spent years building to seek help. However, that doesn’t mean that the road to recovery is closed – we offer discreet treatment that fits around your daily schedule. 

We believe that the workplace should be a place where mental health issues can be tackled with care and consideration and we’re working directly with several companies to deliver treatment to their employees.


We know traditional residential treatment isn’t right for everyone, in particular established professionals or those with families. However, we don’t believe that this should be a barrier to people getting the help they deserve.

Your responsibility to your health shouldn’t clash with your work or home life. All of these facets are related, and neglecting one area to attend to the others doesn’t work for long. The Revoke Programme was founded to create a space where recovery fits into daily life. Our programme consists of scheduled group and individual sessions that fit around daily routines, so our clients can maintain their other commitments.


Outpatient treatment is an option that doesn’t require a residential stay at a clinic or treatment centre. Many studies have shown that programmes like ours are as effective as our residential counterparts and are universally more affordable – and the advantages don’t stop there:

  • You benefit from undergoing treatment while still maintaining your daily routines and responsibilities.
  • You are able to integrate and adapt the lessons you learn into your life from day one.
  • You are supported with real-life triggers as they happen.
  • You are not in a bubble that is likely to pop once you finish treatment.
  • You are surrounded by our discrete staff and community of non-judgemental support specialists.
  • You are able to build up a strong local network of supportive people who understand what you are going through.
  • Family and friends can also be involved in your recovery journey from the start if you wish.


The demands of modern life have made it impractical to disconnect, especially for the weeks or months required for residential treatment. At the same time, community options can lack the personalisation needed for the most effective treatment.

The Revoke Programme provides an alternative solution. Ours is an intensive programme that allows you to stay at home and keep the wheels of your life turning.

Our clients come to our centre for fifteen hours of focused treatment per week, scheduled at times that are convenient for them to attend.


Our team has many years of experience working in the behavioural and mental healthcare space, offering cognitive-behavioural therapy, group therapy, trauma reduction programmes, and individual and family interventions. 

Our thorough assessment process will highlight any issues you face and enable us to deliver highly specialised treatment. 

We are also familiar with the challenges that neurodiverse individuals face when seeking help and are proficient in delivering effective treatment regardless of potential barriers.


We are not just your average treatment programme. The Revoke Programme is a wellness community of peers and friends supporting one another towards healthier living. Our team fully understands what it took for you to start this journey.

At Revoke, this drive for mutual support unites us. It’s a through-line that connects all the critical work of individual and group therapy sessions to support groups and networking in aftercare. 

It is also the basis of some fun opportunities to connect and heal together. We organise meet-ups, trips and activities, and stay engaged in one another’s lives and journeys.

Recovery-focused Treatment

We all deserve health and happiness. At Revoke, we deliver fully-integrated mental and behavioural healthcare in a manageable package. We’ll help you address the underlying causes of your condition and work with you to ensure a sustainable recovery.

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If you have been struggling with any issues related to your mental or behavioural health, The Revoke Programme can provide the therapeutic support you need. Please call us for more details, to ask any questions, or to schedule an assessment and start to reclaim your life today.

Call us: +44 207 971 1263

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The Revoke Programme is a leading outpatient treatment programme and is part of Ishmail & Associates Limited

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