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Poor mental health takes many forms, and can devastate your life. It can distract you from your work and impair your cognitive functions. Often, we find solace in harmful coping strategies such as drinking or substance use. Recovery reconnects you with your time, talent, and energy so you can achieve your goals and realise your full potential.

At Revoke by Animo Healthcare, we understand that you have important responsibilities and it may not be possible for you to leave your commitments behind. We offer an empowering and accessible programme that you can attend as part of your normal weekly routine so you can continue to fulfil your obligations whilst working on your recovery at the same time.

Our Revoke Day Programme offers expert-led treatment approaches to help you make meaningful and long-lasting lifestyle changes. We treat a range of mental and behavioural health conditions such as anxiety, burnout, depression, alcohol use disorder, substance use disorder and process addictions such as gambling, shopping, and workaholism.

Benefits of the revoke Day programme

All of the Revoke programmes by Animo Healthcare are accessible and focused entirely on recovery. We offer advanced and effective treatment without the unnecessary costs of accommodation or other inpatient facilities.

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) helps you to alter the way you feel by changing how you think and behave. You work with a therapist to identify the thought and behavioural patterns that are unhelpful and develop techniques to overcome them.

CBT often involves identifying ‘triggers’ of negative thinking patterns. These may be external cues in your environment or mental states such as stress, burnout, or anxiety. CBT can help you avoid these triggers or learn how to cope with them in healthy ways.

Unlike many forms of therapy, CBT focuses on making changes in the present rather than working through events of the past. And, the skills you learn will remain with you after the end of treatment.


Individual Therapy

The causes of poor mental and behavioural health can be complex and personal. They may be connected to past traumatic experiences, genetic factors, or particular relationships. Individual therapy allows you to work through these issues in a private and comfortable setting.

During individual therapy, you will work one-on-one with an expertly trained professional therapist. They offer the most effective treatment for you with sensitivity and compassion. You’ll get a one-to-one therapy session every week.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a brilliant chance to learn from others, find comfort and acceptance in shared experiences, and help others in the recovery process.

Learning to tell people how you feel is a crucial aspect of recovery. Effective communication helps you to develop strong support networks and teaches you how to ask for help from others when you need it. It allows you to maintain healthy and stable relationships with those around you and avoid the stressful conflicts that can trigger addictive behaviours.

Group settings are an opportunity to develop communication and other interpersonal skills. You can meet peers with the same recovery goals as you and develop mutually supportive relationships that can motivate and guide you throughout the recovery process.

Having a strong support network you can communicate honestly is fundamental to maintaining recovery in the long-term. Familiarising yourself with opening up to others during your treatment program provides you with the skills to fully benefit from support meetings in the future.

Rapid Response Admissions

At Animo Healthcare, we understand that often treatment cannot wait. Poor mental health may be making you miss deadlines, underperform in work tasks, or struggle to manage your job or family life.

Our rapid response admissions process guarantees that you will be assessed within 24-hours. Our expert team provides an in-depth assessment of your condition and designs the most effective treatment plan for you. We ensure you begin treatment at the earliest time possible so you can begin to unlock your true potential.

Individualised Recovery-Orientated Treatment Plans

The most effective mental health treatment offers individualised recovery programs to cater to each person’s needs. Animo’s Revoke Programme provides a combination of treatment approaches, adapted to match your personal circumstances. Our expert therapists continually evaluate your progress and make appropriate changes to your plan to ensure you receive the best possible treatment.

At Animo Healthcare, we understand that the changes you make during treatment can be difficult to maintain. We follow our intensive outpatient treatment with a month of aftercare to help you consolidate the skills you have learnt and provide support in any challenges you may face. We equip you with the necessary tools and support networks to stay away from drugs and alcohol and maintain sobriety in the years ahead.


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