The Revoke Programme by Animo Healthcare is a visionary offering working at the frontline of outpatient mental health and addiction care. We run a safe haven from offices in Central London where people suffering from addiction can come to receive therapeutic and peer support.

Untreated drug or alcohol addiction can shatter anyone’s life. Revoke was founded to provide personalised, effective and compassionate care to those who need it – we believe in removing the stigma around addiction treatment while making it more accessible. We believe that the range of outpatient options needs to be expanded to provide a safe space where people can recover while still fulfilling their duties at work and home.

Recovery That Fits Into Your Life

We understand that residential treatment is not the right option for everyone. Obligations to work and family stop many people from seeking help when they only have residential options available. This leaves a community of far too many people who deserve healthcare without access to the specialised treatment services they need.

Your responsibility to your health should not be at odds with your responsibilities to your work and home life. These facets of life are all related, and leaving one out to attend to the others doesn’t work for long. Animo Healthcare was founded to create a space where recovery fits into daily life. Our programme consists of scheduled after-hours group and individual sessions so you can maintain your other commitments.

Why Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment refers to a rehab option that doesn’t require you to stay in residence at a clinic or treatment centre. Many studies have shown that programmes like ours are as effective as our residential counterparts despite being universally more affordable – and the advantages don’t stop there.

  • People in recovery benefit from undergoing treatment whilst still keeping up their daily routines and responsibilities.
  • You are able to integrate and adapt the lessons of recovery into your life from day one.
  • You are supported with real life triggers as they happen.
  • You are not in a bubble that is likely to pop once you leave.
  • You are surrounded by our staff and community of support specialists.
  • You are able to build up a strong local network of supportive people who understand what you are going through.
  • Family and friends can also be involved in your recovery journey from the start if you wish.

What We Offer

At Revoke by Animo Healthcare, we offer our clients the top approaches in therapeutic drug and alcohol treatment. Our team has over 50 years combined working in the addiction and mental healthcare space, offering cognitive-behavioural therapy, group therapy, and individual counselling.

These methods are at the core of all evidence-based substance treatment. They were developed to help clients with substance addiction to manage triggers, dismiss undermining false beliefs, and learn better skills for improving outlook and emotional communication. This toolkit is key to long-term sobriety.

We also provide mental health support and dual diagnosis for clients who need it. Addiction is just one facet of the complex issue of mental health. We believe in treating the client as a whole, not just the condition.


The demands of modern life have made it impractical to disconnect, especially for the weeks to months required for residential treatment. At the same time, community options can lack the personalisation needed for the most effective treatment. Revoke provides an alternative solution. Ours is an intensive programme that allows you to stay at home and keep the wheels of your life turning.

Our clients come to our centre for twenty hours of focused treatment a month, all scheduled at times that are convenient to attend.

Real-time Support

When you undergo drug or alcohol addiction treatment, there always comes a time when you must go home. This is when, they say, ‘the real work of recovery begins’ – when all the old challenges of daily life re-arise and we have to find a way to adapt the lessons from treatment to the real world.

At Revoke, we are a part of this process from the very beginning. Recovery is not compartmentalised to a distant place that needs to be brought back home with you. Our responsive, compassionate team will support you in real-time through the real process of healing. A recovery that is embedded at home from the start responds more naturally to the stressors that trigger cravings and thoughts about relapse.

Compassion-driven Community

We are not just your average treatment programme. Revoke is a wellness community of peers and friends supporting one another towards healthier living. Many members of our staff are in recovery, and all of us understand what it took for you to start this journey.

This drive for mutual support unites us at Revoke. It’s a throughline that connects all the critical work of group therapy sessions to support groups and sober buddying during aftercare. It is also the basis of some fun opportunities to connect and heal together. We organise meet-ups, trips, and activities and stay engaged in one another’s lives and journeys.


We all deserve health and happiness. At Revoke, we know that rehabilitation is a medical treatment rather than a luxury. We are proud to offer a practical solution with a more affordable price point than inpatient centres offering similar treatments.

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